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Sean opened Arrows and Embers in early 2010 and has served the greater Concord area ever since. He has always had a knack for illustration and creativity, and knew he wanted to be an artist-specifically a tattoo artist-from a very young age. While Sean loves tattoos of all kinds, his favorite pieces always tell a story. Although his clients give him artistic liberty due to his experience and expansive portfolio, he’s helping them tell their stories. No matter how big or small, detailed or simple, he’s in a service industry and finds it extremely fulfilling to be a tattoo artist. Similarly, from researching the mechanics of the tattoo machines themselves to the psychology behind design, every aspect of tattooing satisfies Sean’s self-proclaimed ‘geekiness.’

“Tattooing is a very comfortable way for me to connect with people. When I’m tattooing, I feel at home. And it never gets mundane; challenges are always present and growing and changing, and that helps to keep things interesting, too. I especially enjoy the challenges. Once I’m finished they have a piece of art that they’re proud of, that I’m often told looks better than they had imagined, and that’s awesome. There’s nothing more rewarding for me than seeing how happy someone is with their tattoo that we’ve literally created together with our imaginations. I feel honored to do what I do, and I love it. Truthfully I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

When Sean’s not tattooing, he’s researching something. How solar panels work, how to build a chicken coop, the Illuminati – you know, normal everyday stuff. If you want to see what he’s up to, check out his Instagram and FaceBook pages. AS OF 9/29/21, SEAN’S BOOKS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED. To be added to our contact list for when his books re-open, please click the ‘Schedule Consult’ button on the Contact page.


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