Your tattoo artist is almost as important as your tattoo itself. Once you’ve decided you want a tattoo, and whether you choose an artist from Arrows and Embers or not, do your research! Read reviews about the shop AND artist(s), look at the portfolios thoroughly, talk to the artist(s) in person, and ask as many questions as you need. Be sure you are comfortable with this person as you will be in very close quarters with them when you begin tattooing.

Sean Ambrose –  Owner/Artist


Sean Ambrose is the owner of Arrows and Embers and Custom Tattoo and has over fifteen years of experience as a tattoo artist. He can tackle any style you can throw at him and is a self-admitted “tattoo geek” (seriously-just ask him about complimentary textures, the color wheel, or tattoo machines), and he loves tattoos of all shapes and sizes. Sean thrives most when he is allowed a little creative freedom with his clients’ designs; for a guy who considers Nikola Tesla, outer space, and the Illuminati “casual conversation,” the possibilities are pretty much endless. Interested? We thought you might be-click here to dig a little deeper and see Sean’s full portfolio.

Jason Dasaro – Artist


Jason Dasaro has over a decade of experience as a tattoo artist and is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to tattooing. He can give you the gnarliest Predator or daintiest floral tattoo you’ve ever seen, and can always be counted on for providing comedic relief to nervous 1st timers (or 2nd or 3rd timers—no judgment here). You’ll often overhear him excitedly (loudly) chatting about his newest E-Bay “prize,” which is probably a Boglin in the original packaging or a Castle Grayskull model. (What? He’s a collector… Hey, I thought we said no judgment!) You can see Jason’s work here.

Will Self – Artist


Will Self is a Texas native and a tattooing powerhouse. With both feet planted in Japanese Traditional and Traditional Americana, he’s all about bold colors, crisp lines, and tattoos that will withstand the tests of time. Will likes to say he makes tattoos that look like tattoos-no BS, just solid, clean work. We’re pretty sure black iced coffee runs through his veins and he’s got a strong affinity for nerd culture, but he’ll give you a damn good tattoo—like your granddad’s, only better. Click here to see Will’s full portfolio.

Amy Borch – Artist


Amy Borch has spent the last decade being a visual artist in cities and mountain towns coast-to-coast and considers nature to be her biggest inspiration. Amy’s ability to combine realism and illustrative elements while artistically using natural skin tone to her advantage has propelled her into creating a unique style all her own. She believes tattooing is a form of freedom, and she enjoys a healthy dose of freedom herself; Amy is filled with wanderlust and a wild desire to climb mountains. Literally. She climbs mountains with her hands. (And sometimes a rope.) Check out Amy’s work here.