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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot that goes into tattooing – the prep work, the appointments, the healing; you have questions, and we have answers.
Every tattoo shop is a little different so there is no such thing as a stupid question.

What To Know  |   How To Book

This page contains a ton of information, so feel free to use the links above to jump to the section you’re looking for, or simply scroll down.

+ What To Know Before Getting Tattooed +

We are cash only, and we do not have an ATM in house.
Our shop minimum is $130.
Artist rates range from $175/hr – $260/hr.
We do not usually have the availability for walk-ins; please call first.
If we do have last minute openings, we will post about it on our FaceBook and Instagram pages.
We book out at least 1-2 weeks in advance. Some artists book out 10-12 months in advance (yes, really).
Availability varies from artist to artist; please submit an inquiry with the artist of your choice after reviewing portfolios.

The first step to getting tattooed is to know what you want (or at least have a pretty good idea along with reference/inspiration images). We will not book an appointment if someone says, ‘I want a tattoo, but I’m not sure what I want.’ Come back when you know what you want to get tattooed; all of our artists specialize in different styles and one artist may be better suited to your piece than another, but if you don’t even know what you want we don’t have any kind of starting point. Once you find something you like (or similar), live with it. Print it out and stick it on your fridge or bathroom mirror – somewhere you’ll see it everyday. If after a month or two you still love it enough to have it on your body forever, then continue to the next step.

Once you have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for, look at artist portfolios. Look at linework/outlines, saturation/shading, and overall subject matter; if an artist only has larger-scale images in their portfolio, they may not accept your inquiry for two small letters/initials. (You can always still try, though!) If you are not sure which artist would be best suited to your project, please email us directly and we will match you with the best artist for the tattoo. When emailing with an inquiry, you must include: a size estimate in inches, desired placement on your body, color VS black and gray, subject matter, style, and if you want text/lettering, we want to know the EXACT text/numbers/etc, spelled out properly. ***We also need to see your inspiration/reference image(s).*** Do not forget to send those; we are visual people and if you do not provide reference/inspiration images, we will ask for them and not move forward with booking until you send us the reference photos! 🙂

+ Booking A Consultation Or Appointment +

Once your inquiry has been accepted by one of our artists, we will either want to book a consultation* with you for more involved projects, or just go ahead and schedule the actual tattoo session(s). A consultation is just a time for you to come in and speak with the artist face-to-face about all the specific details; for larger-scale projects like full-sleeves, a consultation is always a good idea to make sure you’re both on the same page. More often than not, we require consultations just to be safe!

*If you change your mind about what you want between scheduling the consultation and coming in for your consultation, PLEASE reach out to let us know and reschedule; your new project may not be best suited to your current artist or we may be able to skip the consultation. DO NOT show up to your consultation and say, “I changed my idea. This is what I want now.” Communication is key.

At the end of the consultation, once the artist knows the full scope and scale of your project we’ll move forward with booking the necessary tattoo sessions(s) after we’ve received your deposit. All deposits are 100% non-refundable, but do get credited toward the overall price of the tattoo as long as you don’t no call/no show or cancel/reschedule within 48-business hours of your scheduled appointment. If that happens, your deposit is considered forfeit and a new deposit is required to reschedule. Deposits are always a minimum of $100, but may be more depending on how many appointments you book (if your project needs x4 appointments, we’ll ask for a $400 deposit – $100 per each session that goes into the artist’s schedule). Once we have your deposit and your appointments are booked, you, your artist, and that tattoo idea are locked in! (Obviously life happens and we can reschedule-with notice-if need be, but if your idea changes, your deposit is forfeit, your appointments are cancelled, and you need to start with a new consultation because it’s a new project. Deposits cover the drawings/designs the artists make for each individual project, so that is why deposits are non-transferrable project-to-project.