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Will Self is a Texas native and a tattooing powerhouse. With feet planted in Traditional Japanese and American tattooing, he’s all about bold colors and crisp lines that will withstand the tests of time. Will likes to say he makes tattoos that look like tattoos-no BS, just solid, clean work. We’re pretty sure black iced coffee runs through his veins and he’s got a strong affinity for nerd culture, but he’ll give you a damn good tattoo. Like your granddad’s, only better.

Will is our go-to artist for all things script, text, and hand-written as well. He can do more than Traditional tattoos, thats just what he prefers. If you’d like to see some more of Will’s tattoos, available flash he’s designed, check out his Instagram. You’ll also find his watercolor paintings (for sale!), and/or his most recent MTG purchases on there as well. To book a consult with Will, check out his blurb on our Contact page.