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We specialize in custom tattooing; if you’re looking for flash, you won’t find any help on our walls.

We encourage you to be completely inspired by your own ideas for your tattoo, and to utilize our talents for guidance only if you need them. Every tattoo has a proper consultation and is always done by appointment only. When you come for your consultation, bring in all of your ideas, photos, color references, text written out with proper spelling, etc. Also be sure to think about your budget if you have one, as that will impact the size, intricacy, color saturation, and more. Every tattoo is priced differently; we can only quote a tattoo during a consultation. Would you like to set up your appointment? Contact us today!

*Please note, we do NOT do any piercings.*
We are a ‘tattoo only’ shop.

The artists


Sean Ambrose


Jason Dasaro


Amy Borch