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Contact Jason Dasaro Best NH Tattoo Artist Award Winning Ink Concord, New Hampshire Hippo NH Magazine Arrows and Embers Tattoo Shop Jason has been tattooing for what seems like an eternity. He began his tattooing career in Florida but relocated back home to New Hampshire a couple years ago. Jason has been part of the Arrows and Embers Tattoo team ever since. Jay’s style is very versatile and he can tattoo just about anything you throw at him. He is especially drawn to both realism and new school style art and tattoos. No matter what the subject matter is, Jay always does his best to create a unique piece of art for his clients, and what he loves most about tattooing is being able to meet people from all walks of life and work with them to create things that change their lives for the better.

Jay enjoys endless conversations with his clients and listening to music. He conjures up magic spells to keep them entertained while the faint aroma of fresh incense fills the gallery. (Yes, he came up with that. And yes, he insisted we put it on the website.) Jay’s good-natured and jovial demeanor makes him an integral part of Arrows and Embers, and he can always be counted on for providing comedic relief for nervous first-timers (or second or third-timers! No judgment here)! You’ll often overhear him excitedly (loudly) chatting about a movie he’s recently watched or exclaiming about his newest E-Bay ‘prize’ that is most likely an original G.I. Joe or Castle Grayskull model still unopened or something to the same effect. (What? He’s a collector… Hey, I thought we said no judgment!)

Jay doesn’t really use social media, but if you’re so inclined to see his travels, toy photoshoots (not a typo), and just general antics, this is his Instagram. To book a consult with Jay, check out his blurb on our contact page.