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Amy has been an active visual artist for the past eleven years; from Philly to San Fran, and from the North Shore to central Sierra. She draws inspiration from the relationship of humans to the natural world around them. Her style displays her ability to combine realism with illustrative elements while using skin tone to an artistic advantage. As a result, Amy has developed a unique style all her own. She believes tattooing is a form of freedom, and she enjoys a healthy dose of freedom herself. Amy is filled with wanderlust and a wild desire to climb mountains. Literally. She climbs mountains. With her hands. (And sometimes a rope.)

“To me, tattooing is a creative pathway to explore the complexity of human identity. I have often observed that tattoos give people permission to ask questions and tell stories that could otherwise be challenging to express. When people allow themselves to experience this kind of freedom — the freedom of expression — the result is transformative. I look forward to creating tattoos with those that choose to transform themselves in subtle and powerful ways.”

To see more tattoo-y goodness and probably a fair amount of mountains and climbing adventures, follow Amy on Instagram. To schedule your consultation with Amy, please fill out her inquiry form on our contact page.